Individual therapy is initiated when life circumstances have been overwhelming. Feelings and fears are explored, and family situations such as unfinished business with loved ones can be mediated and resolved.

After the initial crisis is contained, one may start to ask deeper questions that relate to experiences of being and identity.

This is when the journey of therapy offers added benefits and embraces the exploration of the inner life. It is in this phase when the exploration for meaning and healing occurs.

Couples & Family Therapy explores how people can develop more satisfying relationships. Attentive listening and self-expression provide the basis to balance needs for closeness and separateness.

Child Therapy is recommended to help children deal with divorce, scholastic achievement pressures, relational competence, and dealing with the impact of trauma, illness and abuse. Children are often left feeling powerless. The healing effects of child therapy, in conjunction with sand play, social skills training, music and other modalities helps children integrate their experiences and supports their psychological strengths and growth.

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